Energy and the Climate Change Levy

Today’s responsible companies are looking closely at energy efficiency – and, with compressed air systems accounting for approximately 10% of energy usage in processing and manufacturing, opportunities for making savings are high. Energy savings can only be realised through the adoption of efficient systems, correctly specified.

The Climate Change Levy (CCL) was introduced in 2001, and since then Industry has paid a surcharge of up to 20%, on its energy bills, It’s purpose is to get industry to cut Co² emissions,
by reducing demand, and therefore energy consumption.

To encourage Industry to invest in Energy Efficient products, the government has created finance packages, to make investment in the new technology as painless as possible.

Our engineers can ‘data-log’ your air systems efficiency, and provide all the information needed, to meet your specific air demand, precisely, efficiently and cost effectively.

There are many possibilities why your system could be inefficient, but based on government figures, savings of up to 30% can be achieved with corrective action.

Combined with Energy Efficient Air Compressors, you could significantly reduce your energy consumption, and start to make real savings.