ND2/24CM2 Lubricated Direct Air Compressor

ND2/24CM2 Lubricated Direct Air Compressor

Ref: S-FCCC404FPS502

1.5KW/2HP,24 Ltr, portable with wheels/handle

Ideal for general use with smaller air tools and spray guns and also for nailing, stapling and inflating.

- Lubricated design with a useful 24 Litre air receiver for plenty of storage capacity.
- Fitted with wheels and a handle for portability.
- Fitted with simple automatic on/off controls.
- Supplied with pressure regulator, internal and regulated pressure gauges and quick connect air outlet.
- Lubricated design offers low maintenance and quieter operation.
- 1.5kW (2Hp) motor operating from a 230v/1/50hz standard power supply.
- Fitted with a 1.2 Metre power cord and fused UK Plug.
- Capacity 210 L/min with a maximum working pressure at 8 Bar (116 psi).
- 1 year warranty.

Price: 223.00 (267.60 Including VAT at 20%)

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