ND2/50CM2 Lubricated Direct Air Compressor

ND2/50CM2 Lubricated Direct Air Compressor

Ref: S-FCDC404FPS503

1.5KW/2HP, 50 Ltr, portable with wheels/handle

The SD2/50 is an ideal compressor for general use and the automatic controls and low maintenance make it simple to own. Ideal for general use with smaller air tools. The larger air receiver on this model make it ideal when using spray guns.

- Lubricated design with a useful 50 Litre air receiver for plenty of storage capacity.
- Fitted with wheels and a handle for portability.
- Fitted with simple automatic on/off controls.
- Supplied with pressure regulator, internal and regulated pressure gauges and quick connect air outlet.
- Lubricated design offers low maintenance and quieter operation.
- 1.5 kW (2Hp) motor operating from a 230V/1/50hz standard power supply.
- Fitted with a 1.2 Metre power cord and fused UK Plug.
- Capacity 210 L/min with a maximum working pressure at 9 Bar (130 psi).
- 1 year warranty.

Price: 315.00 (378.00 Including VAT at 20%)

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