Exciting start to July 2017 at Gardner Denver in Redditch

Gardner Denver Visitor DayL30e – L45e range. NEW

Over 120 guests visited the UK GD Redditch production unit  for the High Pressure open day on Thursday and then on Friday attended the launch of the new, more efficient L30e – L45e Air Compressor range.  The units feature significant energy reduction over the previous model, improvement in efficiency, without any price hike!

I-Conn NEW

In addition Gardner Denver launched the new I-Conn communication system, which is a state of art data wireless information package. I-Conn informs the Compressed Air user on a variety of Operational, Service parameters and Running Status, Logging and System efficiency in real-time.

I-Conn will be fitted to the Oil-Free range of Air Compressors from September 2017 build, and will be introduced across our standard range of Lubricated Screw Air Compressors.

We can retro fit I-Conn onto existing Air Compressor systems, enabling a rich flow of information, for minimal outlay.

Finance package NEW

Gardner Denver also launched a new flexible Finance package for new Air Compressors and Energy Efficient Compressed Air projects. The finance package is specifically tailored to suit customer requirements, offering flexibility within  small capital expenditure budgets. We have many flexible finance packages to choose from, and one which will suit your specific requirements.