ParkerStore Key Steps to Making Safe and Durable Hose Assemblies

J & J has a ParkerStore at its High Wycombe base, carrying many Parker items in stock for collection or dispatch across the UK or further afield. This is a Parker made video of the key steps for making safe and durable hose assemblies with Parkrimp® No-Skive system. An instructive video tool to demonstrate the whole hose assembling process.

It visually highlights all key working steps and the main safety rules:

  • Select the right type & size of hose and fitting, according to the replaced piece and the particular application (always ask your customer).
  • Select the right fitting series according to the type of hose (use Parker catalogue). Which catalogue?
  • Determine the cutting length and cut the hose perpendicularly and plainly (use personal protective equipment). Clean the hose with compressed air.
  • Determine, mark and apply the correct insertion depth (use the Parker web application CrimpSource or posters as reference). If need be, slightly lubricate the fitting nipple.
  • Look up the correct dies, rings and the crimping diameter (using Parker web app CrimpSource or posters).
  • Crimp both fittings duly (till the end-stop of the crimper components), measure the crimping diameter and check the insertion depths.
  • Clean the assembly with compressed air, check its overall length and cap or pack its end fittings.
  • Enter the assembly data into the PTS system, then print and apply the PTS label onto the assembly

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