Energy Efficiency

Data-logging your Compressed Air system will show how efficiently it is operating. We can identify your specific air demand, precisely, efficiently. There are many possibilities why your system could be inefficient, but based on government figures, savings of up to 30% can be achieved, just by the elimination or reduction of air leaks and waste.

Data Logging

A typical data log graph from a customer site

Carbon TrustIdentify your Energy savings

The government has created the Carbon Trust which provides industry with information with help on how to reduce their Energy consumption through investment in Energy Efficient projects. Siemens Financial Services now operate the Loan Scheme, providing loans for projects with real energy savings, with quick payback periods.

The finance process just got easier

We advise many companies on how to reduce their energy consumption, through installing Energy Efficient Compressed Air Systems Energy Efficiency Loans Scheme are available to most Companies of all sizes. It is quick, cost effective and simple.